A Very Serious Man

from by Diehard



The first mastered track from our upcoming full length.


I was so disappointed in myself
I handed over the money as a toll for being stupid
Crossing from naive to weary
Shedding baby fat from my personality
As we grow our mistakes grow with us
Getting fat on the deadlines we haven't met
I've discovered the joke of maturing
Growing up doesn't come with age

Sometimes I hate Dylan
It's the affected voice and the triple tongued word choice
His opinions, like rings around the sun,
You only think you've seen
He just repeats back protest screams

And with great shock, I don't put up a fight
Resignation doesn't chafe as expected
This resume reads like a deathbed confession
Quarantined in the corner of IC
It seems I'll always have something to complain about
Till I whittle solace from a regular paycheck
Candidate seeks paper clips and triplicates
Twenty years of schooling and there is no day shift

I have no idea what it could mean
To have a job you'd never want to leave
I hope one day I do
So my living has some life in it too


from The Times We Didn't Have Fun, track released June 1, 2011



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